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Prayer for Ukraine

Molytva za Ukrayinu

Global Family Virtual Choir and the World Children’s Choir invite children, teens, and adults from all nations to learn and sing Prayer for Ukraine in our new global family virtual choir video.  Molytva za Ukrayinu is the patriotic and spiritual anthem of Ukraine. This video will be included in an online benefit concert for Ukrainian children. The proceeds will be donated to the Voices of Children Foundation which has been helping children affected by the war since 2015.

We have two versions of the song, one for children and teens (SA), and one for adults, teens, and children (SATB). Those recording the SA version should also record the SATB version.

An optional rehearsal for teens  and children with choir director Sondra Harnes is available to join via CommonTime:

An optional rehearsal for adults and high school students with choir director Sondra Harnes is available to join via CommonTime:

Recordings will be made on and are due by October 1, 2022. requires Chrome or Edge web browsers.  Firefox, Safari and other browsers are not supported.

Below are links to videos that help participants learn how to pronounce the Ukrainian words and learn the music for their parts, and links to online recording stations for each part, along with files of the music and song lyrics (with transliteration).

Aditional important information can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

(this link leads to Google Drive folders containing instructions, printed music and other helpful documents)

Questions?  Email us at

SA Parts

For children and teens (girls, young teen boys with changing voices) only.

  • Soprano 1: Children and Teen Soprano

  • Soprano 2 and Alto:  Teen girls with lower voices and boys with changing voices

(If a young child has a very low voice and can sing this part with accurate notes and healthy sound, they can sing second soprano or alto.)

Pronunciation video (for all parts):

Soprano 1

Soprano 2


Printed Music

SATB Parts

For Adults, Teens and Children

  • Soprano: Children and teens who are sopranos should sing this part with adults.

  • Alto: Teens who are second sopranos/altos/cambiatas should sing with adults

  • Tenor 1 and 2:  High school teens, female and male tenors

Bass 1 and 2:  High school teens, adults with voices that can sing this range​

Pronunciation video (for all parts):



Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2

Printed Music

Register now!

Registration is free.  Click below for Google Form.  Registration form includes Recording Permission for adults, or parents/legal guardians of children under legal age, required for all participants.

Once you have completed registration, you will see a link to return to this page.

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