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With One Dream

Heart Songs and Love Notes for the Children of Palestine

Global Family Virtual Choir & World Children’s Choir invite people of all ages and nations to show their support, love, hope and solidarity for the people of Palestine by participating in our With One Dream Initiative.

With One Dream - Sing and record in our Global Family Virtual Choir video. The video will be included in our online international benefit concert, hosted by CommonTime Online.  Recordings will be made on and are due by May 15th 2024. requires Chrome or Edge web browsers.  Firefox, Safari and other browsers are not supported.  See our registration form for more details.

Other ways to participate:


Love Notes - Submit your art, poems, essays, songs, or letters for Palestinian children.  Submissions will be posted on our website or YouTube channel. Palestinian children are invited to participate!

Performance videos - Submit a video to be considered for our benefit concert.  Performances are welcome from all ages and backgrounds, that demonstrate love, hope and caring for Palestinians.

Schedule your own fundraiser - Email us to share information about your event.

Benefit concert proceeds will be donated to an organization or agency working with children in Gaza.

Questions?  Email us!

Hope, oil painting by Sliman Mansour
Hope (أمل)

oil on canvas, 1985
Sliman Mansour

Sliman Mansour is one of the most distinguished and internationally renowned artists in Palestine.  His work — which has come to symbolize the Palestinian national identity — has inspired generations of Palestinians and international artists and activists alike.

World Children’s Choir is honored to feature his wonderful painting, Symbol of Hope that Mr. Mansour painted in 1985.

Sing with us!

Registration is free.  Click below for Google Form.  Registration form includes Recording Permission for adults, or parents/legal guardians of children under legal age, required for all participants.


After registration you will receive the music and links to record on Easy Virtual Choir.

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